No cutlery is as sensual as the spoon. That's why we are particularly happy if you leave your knife and fork on the side and simply spoon out your plate. In the Casa Caminada we would like to serve dishes that will open your heart. Dishes that are straightforward and at the same time sensual, characterised by the wonderful products of the Canton of Grisons and the passion of our kitchen team. Tradition should have as much place as modernity in our restaurant. We want to inspire you for Capuns and Maluns, for poultry from the Val Lumnezia, for dried pear ravioli with nut butter and preserved vegetables from the castle garden. With Mathias Kotzbeck we have found a chef who, after two years at Schloss Schauenstein and a winter season with Marcel Skibba at IGNIV St. Moritz, speaks the same culinary language as we do and is able to implement our ideas with style.